18 February 2006

Bush Push for Nukeyoulear Option

Our Respected and Beloved Leader, Dubya, the Uniter not Divider, the Compassionate Conservative, and the Crown Prince of Crony Capitalism, is now urging that the US seek security in the cheap power allure of nukeyoulear power.

Nuclear power appears cheap only because major costs are unloaded on future generations--sound familiar--like any wars you know???? The clean up and disposal of nuclear wastes is an unresolved, unsolved problem. The real costs of nuclear energy need to be accounted up front and not at the end, and the price needs to be paid as you go.

Bush points to our dear allies, the French, as the wise developers and users of nuclear power--ironic isn't it? If we had been as wise as the French and stayed out of Iraq, we might better be able to afford to invest in solving energy problems, but the Bush starve-the-beast, destroy all entitlements, shift-tax-burden-to-the-middle-class policies will leave us broke and behind for generations.

I favor a different nuclear option known as "throw the bums out!"

Doc Rock