08 April 2009

Yet Another Nursey Rhyme from Grandma Tess

I went downtown
to buy a penny drum
I knocked on the door
but nobody come
So I up with a brick,
broke a pane of glass
And out come baby
Slidin' on her
Ask me no questions

More Rhymes from Grandma Tess

Mikkel one day
He shlept in the hay
The rats and the mice
Jumped over

When he awoke
His dúidíns was broke
And nary-a schmoke
Had Mikkel the Moler

Nursery Rhymes from Grandma Tess


Taffy was a Welshman
Taffy was a thief
Taffy came to my house
And stole a leg I beef

I went to Taffy's house
Taffy wasn't home
Taffy came to my house
And stole a leg of bone

I went to Taffy's house
And Taffy was in bed
So I up with the thundermug
And hit him on the head

07 April 2009

College Basketball Officiation--a Downward Spiral?

Every year it seems to me that the mayhem permitted on the college basketball court is more vicious and flagrant. The officials seem to ignore the most flagrant fouls and call the little touch fouls. The 2009 NCAA tournament reminded me of nothing so much as the inept officiation the last soccer World Cup tournament.

Get in control of the game and bring back skill--leave the combat to the gridiron! One man's opinion!