25 February 2008

Ralph Nader at his Nadir

The great ego has lifted Nader's head for another plunge but I view Nader at his nadir like the protagonist of Oscar Wilde's prose poem "The Master":


Now when the darkness came over the earth Joseph of Arimathea, having lighted a torch of pinewood, passed down from the hill into the valley. For he had business in his own home.

And kneeling on the flint stones of the Valley of Desolation he saw a young man who was naked and weeping. His hair was the colour of honey, and his body was as a white flower, but he had wounded his body with thorns and on his hair had he set ashes as a crown.

And he who had great possessions said to the young man who was naked and weeping, 'I do not wonder that your sorrow is so great, for surely He was a just man.'

And the young man answered, 'It is not for Him that I am weeping, but for myself. I too have changed water into wine, and I have healed the leper and given sight to the blind. I have walked upon the waters, and from the dwellers in the tombs I have cast out devils. I have fed the hungry in the desert where there was no food, and I have raised the dead from their narrow houses, and at my bidding, and before a great multitude, of people, a barren fig- tree withered away. All things that this man has done I have done also. And yet they have not crucified me.'

06 February 2008

The Doctor is "In"

Let's face it, some astrologers are doing a better job than ARG and Zogby. If you believe in polls, then the electorate is one huge flock of sheep being constantly led hither and then yon by a bunch of spin-merchant border collies! The polls are being given too much credit by the media which needs horse races to supply talking-head fodder.

If you believe in polls, clap your hands. If you believe in polls, clap your hands! Oh, yeaa! Arg and Zogby are coming back to life, quick give them money!

The only polls that count are those on election day!

The doctor is in, please be seated.