09 January 2005

At the Outset--Hank Snow and the Brooklyn Mind

Country music legend Hank Snow was born in Brooklyn, Queens, Nova Scotia. Hank Snow recorded the song, "The Squid Jiggin' Ground," The vivid images of the lyrics--

Says Bobby, "The squids are on top of the water,
I just got me riggers 'bout one fathom down";
But a squid in the boat scuddered right down his throat,
And he swam like mad on the Squid Jiggin' Ground.

There's poor Uncle Louie, his whiskers are spattered
With spots of the squid juice that's flyin' around;
One poor little boy got it right in the eye,
But they don't give a darn on the Squid Jiggin' Ground.

--somehow evoke the pandemonium of my mind as I try to jig up old memories and thoughts replaying against the backdrop of the present. Moreover, since my mom's ancestors were in Brooklyn, Kings, NY, from the outset, I feel some sort of special connection with young Hank who paid his dues jiggin' squids off Nova Scotia.

So as I start to blog out this series of essayettes on whatever comes squirtin' up onto the squid jiggin' grounds of my mind, I thank Hank and Brooklyn
's everywhere. If, on occasion, I write about something of passing interest to someone out there spattered with the squid ink of our times, I'd like to hear about it.

Doc Rock
9 Jan 2005 (in my my 64th year)

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