12 November 2006

What We Want

We want a Congress that carries out its Constitutional responsibilities to tax, fund, and oversee the execution of the laws of the land. We are tired of a Congress with blinders on, without the courage of its conviction (if any).

We want full and complete transparency in earmarking!

We demand a real ethics process with bulldogs and teeth in both the House and the Senate.

We want legislation that passes both the House and Senate and is not rewritten by the majority in camera after conference subverting the will of Congress.

We want an end to K Street bribery, including trips, comps, and we want the offer, delivery, and/or acceptance of favors to be felonies!

We want everyone to have the same health plans as Congress (with contributions from workers and employers like that for government employees) with the government as the payer-of-last-resort for those without work or with low incomes.

We want the United States to renounce forever preemptive war.

We want habeas corpus reinstated for all!

We demand due process and equality before the law for all!

We must end torturing prisoners, including waterboarding which, in the past, we have prosecuted others for doing as a war crime!

We demand that the United States accord with international law and honor its treaty obligations.

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