10 January 2008

Obama Voters Voted for McCain Instead?????

Not being an independent, it is hard for me to see/understand/believe that if I were going to vote for Obama, why on earth I would go vote for McCain instead (or vice-versa). I think it is bull, but, like I say, I don't know.

What I do know is that the excellent weather made it easier to get out older voters who apparently supported Clinton--none of the talking heads, it disturbs me, ever seems to regard issues or enlightened self-interest as playing any role in the vote. The pundits wonder at the size of crowds that Obama drew versus Clinton--younger folks tend to be more attracted to and less put off by crowds than some of us older fogies, I think.
I have no desire to go and be part of Clinton's or anyone else's crowd, to touch the hem of a God's gown, or such. If there is a young/old split, the punditry may have been missing it just as they seem not to have credited differences in on-the-ground organizations and their abilities to get voters out.

Check out this Clinton volunteer's view from the ground level in NH:


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